Thursday, 22 January 2015

Gorgeous Gifts and Special Friends

I'm taking a break from pearls and sparkle today to talk to you about some rather fabulous gifts we received over the festive period.  We are always so lucky at Christmas to be gifted beautiful things (I can't remember the last time I got something I didn't like) but this year there were a few personal things that are really quite special.  They would all make wonderful gifts for your loved ones, especially if you're looking for unique and original wedding or anniversary presents.  I'm so pleased with them all and wanted to share them with you so you can see too.  And of course, as a thank you to the wonderful businesses and friends behind them.

Just before Christmas it was Mr. Morgan's birthday (a special one, although I don't think I'm permitted to reveal which).  Our plan was to have a family shopping trip so he could stock up on some new clothes but I also wanted to get a special gift for him to unwrap in the morning.  I struggled to think of something and I then left it very late, mainly because I'm so indecisive and I was finding it difficult to put my head in 'male mode'.  I knew what I would appreciate, but would he like the same things?  After toying with the idea of printed song lyrics, or a map graphic of our favourite place, I found these personalised memory prints from Milly's Cottage on Not on the High Street.  It didn't take me long to think of some of the special events in our relationship to have transformed into a print and so as soon as Mr. M went to work the next day, I got busy with my order.  I can't recommend Milly's Cottage enough.  I left it really late to send in my order and then decided to upgrade to a larger print at the last minute, but they were so accommodating.  When Mr. M opened his present he was lost for words.  I had imagined it would go in our bedroom, but no, within minutes he had his hammer out and now it takes pride of place in our hallway.  It's such a lovely reminder of all the memories we have made together so far.  

The next gift was actually another of Mr.M's birthday presents!  We have a super friend called Amy Lewin (you may have heard of her, she's the lady behind Amy Lewin Photography).  Amy has an equally super husband called Andy.  Now Andy is a rather talented designer and is the man behind these awesome personalised 'mini-pop' prints:

He made this one of Mr. M, me and our two black cats, Leonard and Sheldon, and gifted us an amazing framed and mounted version as moving in present.  It stands on my piano in our dining room, and we both simply love it.  However, you will be aware, we have a new addition!  And so the clever Andy made this even more amazing, new version for Mr. M.  Can you spot how cute little Ted has squeezed himself into centre stage?  It was Mr. M's gift, but I was really touched too.  What a smashing present!
You can find out more about Andy's mini-pops and how to order one here

So now you've seen how talented Andy is, this is where Amy comes in! 
Not long after Ted was born, she popped by with her camera and got a few snaps of him looking scrummy in his stripy cardi and knitted hat.  She sent me a pic, which I loved but I had no idea she'd ordered it to be printed as a fabulous acrylic block for Christmas.  It's gorgeous and once again, we all absolutely LOVE it!  It's the first picture we have of Ted on display, and is just so special! 

It's pretty cool having such a brilliant photographer as a friend, but Amy is so much more than that.  Since I've had Ted she's been amazing, bringing us copious amounts of delicious food and thoughtful gifts and she always being there when I need a chat.  Thank you Amy.

Please stop by Amy's website and blog to find out more information about her services.  She does some awesome wedding and lifestyle photography.

Personal gifts are definitely the way forward and it's so lovely to be able to look up and see these presents throughout the day.  They remind us of our happy little family, and what special friends we have.  I highly recommend you think about something personal next time you have a gift to give!


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