Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hello February!

I like February.  Cold it may be, but it's pleasant and positive.  Everyone has been paid, we no longer feel so rubbish about the Christmas pounds we've put on, the evenings take a little longer to darken and little spikes of fresh green start to push out from the ground, reminding us that Spring is only just around the corner.  And then of course, there's  the St Valentine traditions, which, I'm not ashamed to say, I absolutely love!
I never managed to write a post on my 2014 highlights or on my plans for this year, even though I wanted to.  At the beginning of January I was far too busy enjoying my wonderful new family.  And let's be honest, my 2014 highlight is pretty obvious, so I doubt you'd discover anything new!
So here's a challenge I've set myself instead, to write a post at the beginning of each month with our plans for those few weeks.  To keep me focused AND to keep you updated on what you can expect from MMD in the upcoming month.

So here's what we have planned for February:

1.  A SALE!

Yep, we're having a clear out and I've found a box of bits I'd totally forgotten about that are doing nobody any good gathering dust on my shelf. The sale will be on Sunday 8th February and will be mainly headdresses, pins etc.  Certainly a date for your diaries!

This vintage gold and pink headdress will be on SALE! 

2.  New Decoden  Pieces

Last year you loved our decoden combs and recently we've discovered some gorgeous suppliers of miniature flowers and birds.  Look out for copper hairslides and golden necklaces, all inspired by this trend.

Pretty decoden combs

3. New Jewellery Items
I've got lots of pieces planned for this year.  In February we'll be adding some different colours to our flower stud range and updating an old favourite!

Our pink rose earrings

4. New Bridal Ranges
My very favourite!  I've already shared a few sneak peeks on facebook, but there's lots more to see, including a freshen up of our bridal jewellery and easier ways to buy.  Hopefully we'll have lots of this available by the end of February.  Make sure you keep up to date on our facebook page!

One of the new comb designs

Wishing you all a fabulous February!



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