Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday Makes: Bespoke Bridal Comb

Over the weekend I've been trying to work out which of my planned posts (I say planned - they're not written yet) would be best to kick start the blog with.  I've decided to go with a Monday Makes and a rather special bridal comb.  Firstly, because I love Monday Makes, and secondly because this comb has been so popular since I first shared pictures of it last Summer. 

Taking bespoke orders was really tricky last year.  Juggling a little one, going to work and the weekly orders is tough enough.  Bespoke orders take a lot of time.  And it's not just the physical time of making, working designs out, taking photographs, sending e-mails and meeting brides.  It's also the mental time, and the worry that I what I make won't be right or perfect enough.  The worry is the most exhausting.

So I had to ask my brides to be patient, to meet in my living room when I my studio was too messy to welcome clients and I hadn't had the time to tidy up.  Luckily I have lovely, understanding brides and several still came to visit last year, one of which was Laura, who came knowing exactly what she wanted - she just hadn't seen it yet!
As a designer these words can be terrifying.  And yet they're also the most exciting.  When brides ask for something different, something even they haven't seen then they'll always be a chance you'll get it wrong but when you get it right, it feels great!

I sat with Laura and we talked about her hairstyle, where she wanted her comb to fall and picked out flower buttons, pearls and leaves to put together a rough design.  She wanted a comb that would trail around her hair.  It needed to be noticeable, pretty and elegant. 

I promised Laura a series of images throughout the design process.  I think this was to keep both of us happy.  I didn't want to get it wrong and wanted to make sure Laura was informed throughout.  Each time I sent an image she asked me to carry on and thankfully, she loved the final comb!  Hurrah!

I don't normally do this, but I thought it would be of interest to see how the design took shape.  So here are some of Laura's design images:

Laura also sent me this fabulous image just after the wedding!  It shows exactly how the comb trails around the hair, just as Laura had asked.

Laura had a beautiful wedding with some of the best Norfolk wedding talent around, including Katherine Ashdown Photography and Styling from The Little Lending Company.  Her beautiful bridal look was created by Love Moi Make-Up and Hair by Tracey Ward.  If you'd like to see more from Laura and Mike's stunning day (you really do need to) then head over to Katherine Ashdown Photography's blog to see their 'Favourite Five Moments'.

I'll leave you with this stunning professional image which I adore.  I can never take pictures that really show off my pieces and this one has received so much amazing feedback on my facebook page.  In fact so much that this evening I'm starting on a design for a 2016 bride, inspired by this very piece, and I can't wait!

Image Courtesy of Katherine Ashdown Photography

If you're looking for a bespoke bridal piece please don't hesitate to get in touch.  I'm based in Norfolk and my home studio is now open again - no more living room consultations!


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