Friday, 1 November 2013

Product of the Week - Foxy Little Things

Fox Mad!

If you've not noticed the recent invasion of British woodland creatures, then the question has to be asked, where have you been?

Owls have graced us with their quirky-but-wise-chic for a year or two now, but Autumn/Winter 2013 is all about a furry kind of critter - leave your feathers behind!  Squirrels, badgers, deer, foxes and many more... it seems they are here to stay for a while!  Whether you're looking for a badger bag, antlers for your mantle piece, squirrel mugs or fox cushions, you're pretty much guaranteed to find something to suit on the high street right now.

With my new collections I've embraced the woodland wonderland trend and if you'd like to see, just visit my Not on the High Street Storefront.  For today, we are focusing on my favourite furry creature, the fox...

Sometimes they get a bad rep, but really, I can't resist a cute red fox.  They're so elegant, so handsome and such a beautiful colour.  Childhood memories of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' and the thoughtfully named 'Fox' from 'The Animals of Farthing Wood' really make me believe that if animals could talk, a fox would be the kind you'd want to know!

A few of my favourite foxes

And so I've spent the last six months lusting after any and every fox accessory I can find!  My first foxy discovery were these gorgeous sterling silver earrings from Caroline Cowen Jewellery.  I asked for these for my birthday earlier this year, and I can honestly say that I've lost count of the number of compliments I've had whilst wearing them!  So easy to wear and yet so unusual. 

This red scarf from Lisa Angel has recently been added to my wish list.  I love the vibrant red, and the way it clashes with the ginger foxes!  I've already got a cat version in cream/navy but these warming colours would be perfect for the changing season!

Our foxy creations

For Melissa Makes, my first fox creation was this bronze charm necklace.  Easily put together, the basic fox silhouette sits on a simple chain.  I've had customers buying several at a time, and telling me they are getting so many compliments on their bronze foxes, that I think I've got to get even more!  There's clearly something about this one! 

Personally, our 'snoozing fox' is my favourite, and so he takes the title of 'Product of the Week'.  These foxes are made from wood that has been laser cut to add delightful detail.  I loved the bushy tale and peaceful sleeping eyes on this one, and just knew he had to be turned into a pretty necklace.  

I hope you love him too!  

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