Friday, 3 January 2014

Sale Time

January is a great time to get rid of the old and crack on with new.  Here at MMD, I've got boxes full of things that I sorted when we moved out of our old home and then nestled into the new studio.  Some pieces I plan to take apart and others just need a new place to call home.  There are all sorts of reasons to have a sale and having a good old clear out is an extremely good one.

Whilst we reported sell out lines over Christmas, there were one or two lines that just didn't shift.  There's no way of predicting this, some of these 'slower' lines were the ones I personally loved and made for myself.  Others that I wasn't so sure about, were enormously popular.  Well, the money has been spent on the stock now, so what's the harm in getting rid of them at discounted prices?  Customers get a good deal and I'll get some space!

Find our latest discounts on our NOTHS Store front by clicking here.

I've also made the decision to get rid a few of the 'ranges' I once had, to make the business easier to run and to make it clearer to our clients what they can expect from MMD.  As a result of this, throughout January you can expect to see some reduced gems exclusively on our facebook page.  These will include a few vintage headdresses and our selection of vintage jewel earrings!  It's definitely worth stopping by to find out when these flash sales will be popping up, as I plan to make announcements just a few days before each sale.

I'm hoping that these sales and offers will keep lots of interest in the business over January, a month that can be a tricky one in this industry, and hopefully bring some new faces to our family of valued customers.  If you have a creative business, having a sale could be your key to keeping things fresh at the start of the year, so why not try it out?

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