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10 Ways With Washi Tape

A little update...

In the run up to having a baby it's inevitable that you will google almost everything.  From how to swaddle a baby (like a fajita apparently) to whether sausage fingers and stretch marks will disappear after birth (sausage fingers will, but stretch marks we're stuck with).  And when you do this, you nearly always end up on Mumsnet.  Even Mr. Morgan started a conversation last week with  the words, 'You know when you google something about the baby and then end up scanning the mumsnet forums?'  Hmmm, not sure I know of many men who admit to browsing Mumsnet, but I did have to smile at myself, at least by his admission he was googling things about the baby, so he must care!  On my most recent visit to the site, I found that a trending topic was a 'bucket list' of things to do before your baby is born.  Sounded interesting, so I read on.  Most of the things we'd thought of and made sure we'd done, like date nights and short breaks.  Some replies went in for a 'let's scare those naive first time mums' with stories of how you need to enjoy a hot cup of tea now before a toddler takes even this small luxury away from your life!  One of them struck a chord though, and it was the suggestion that in the run up to the arrival it's a good idea to get crafting!

Obviously I love to make and create but even combs and hairpins can lose their shine when you have deadlines to meet.  Making something for yourself, with no pressure, and having the satisfaction of saying, 'I did this,' is really wonderful.  With this in mind I have a few little projects I'd like to get started on, some for the baby, some for me and a few just well, just because.

And this is where my new series of crafting blog posts come in.  They may not always be about jewellery, but I like to think of this blog as a meeting place for my business and personal interests - which are more often than not creative pursuits.  My business has its foundations in craft, so I'm not going to make anymore excuses, just make, and then write about it!

Washi tape was something of a mystery to me when I was first introduced to it by a fellow crafter.  Erm... why would you want coloured masking tape?  Isn't the idea of using sticky tape when wrapping things that you can't see it?  The perfectionist in me thought this was just too messy and not at all something that would take off!

But then I was looking out for something to seal the tissue paper wrap on my jewellery orders. Printed stickers were becoming expensive, and I came back to washi tape, bought some and voila!  It did the job perfectly and prettily!  Faced with several rolls of the stuff I started to explore Pinterest for some more ideas and to my surprise found, that if used in the right way, washi tape really could be of some use!

So here's my first craft post, dedicated to the wonderful washi stuff!  After months of searching for ideas I've picked out my ten favourite washi tape projects.  Most of them are simple and really effective, one or two may be a bit wacky!  This week I'm going to try a few of them out and update you with my results on the next crafty post, so please don't forget to stop by again!

1. Pegs

Really simple, buy some wooden pegs and add a strip of tape along the side.  I'm not sure I have the patience to washi up my whole peg bag but these would look wonderful if you attached a magnet strip to the back and used them as noteholders on the fridge.  They'd make a lovely gift too.

2. Glass Bottles

This one uses a wide washi tape as well as small strips, that I've seen in some craft shops and in abundance on etsy.  A simple whip around with tape and tie of string and you have a pretty stylish table decoration, perfect for your dining room or a relaxed wedding.

3. Mini Bunting

I love this and it has so many uses.  Decorate cards and gift bags, or add to various sized cakes for instant cuteness.  If you're great at baking but not so good with sugar paste then it's a winning idea. 

4. Bicycle 

I imagine this is cheaper than a profesional spray and it will certainly be a talking point.  Not so good if you don't like to stand out and I'm not sure how it would hold up in the rain.

5. Colourful Cords

This is definetly one I will be trying (if only to keep Mr. M off my phone charger).  It's a simple way to brighten up such a mundane object.

6. Greetings Cards

I'm not a fan of too much tweeness on homemade cards (some I've seen are shocking) but washi tape enables you to create such stunning effects so simply.  Here they've used simple strips and a pen to turn make candles, genius!

7. Tealights

Again, something simple, made ultra pretty with a little wrap of tape.  I put tealights in my homemade Christmas crackers this year, and I wish I'd thought of this.  Turns an inexpensive item into a lovely gift and would be great as wedding favours or decoration.

8. Gift Wrap

Much like the cards.  Here just three strips and a doodle make a cake.  How wonderful!

9. Keys

A super idea, especially if your keys all look the same!

10. Pencils

Ahhh, who can't love a pretty pencil?  Another cheap gift/stocking filler idea.  Ideal if you're a teacher looking for unique class gifts, or for party bags!

All images have been collected, with thanks, from Pinterest.  For links to the original sites that are not provided here, please see the Melissa Morgan Design's Pinterest Board 'Things to do with Washi Tape.'  You'll find a few extra ideas there too!

Thank you for reading!


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