Monday, 1 September 2014

Monday Makes: Bespoke Bridal Comb

A little update...

So we had a break from our Monday Makes posts last week.  It was the Bank Holiday and there has been so much to do.  If you follow us on facebook or have read our other posts, you'll know that Mr. Morgan and I are expecting our first baby.  Well, I'm now over 38 weeks pregnant and it could be any day now!  It's all exciting stuff and I guess I imagined that by now everything would be organised, calm and serene, that days would be spent lazily supping tea on the sofa with my feet up and a good book.  Of course, life isn't like that and I'm sure all mothers will tell you that those last few weeks are anything but serene!  In our house all energy is being pumped into completing the decoration of our hallway.  It's been a hard and long job but the end is in sight - a good thing of course, when the nursery beckons!  We now have just a little bit of painting left and a carpet to be fitted but we couldn't have got this far without the tremendous efforts of our wonderful family who have turned up to help strip doors, hold ladders and paint walls!  We really have been blessed.  Last Monday was one of those days when family members came along and got stuck in for the day.  I had some combs to finish and then joined in with painting and providing food for our merry workers.  It really wouldn't have been fair to sit and blog, so I decided a week off was for the best.  Whether there will be a Monday Makes post next week, I have no idea!  Anything could happen in the next seven days.  But I know I'm enjoying writing them, and having just one regular post a week is helping me to focus on the blog and I hope to start fitting in some more themed/regular posts in the upcoming months, to really get things rolling.  I hope you're enjoying these little insights into my making too!

This week is all about our bride Chloe's bespoke comb.  Chloe came to visit the studio a few months ago looking for a comb.  Like so many brides before her, she really loved our vintage inspired pearl and diamante comb.  I always love it when brides pick up this piece, because it was one of the designs I put together.  It's also available with Swarovski crystals in place of the pearls, although I don't have a great photo yet, this was the version that Chloe really liked as she didn't want pearls, just lots of lovely sparkle!

Chloe was drawn to many of the pieces made with the navette (or 'little leaves' as some of my brides like to call them) shaped diamante stones and asked for a piece that was along the lines of the original comb but with navettes instead of so many round stones.  I love working with the navettes and couldn't wait to get started.  It took a couple of attempts but I was really pleased with the final design:

I'm sure you'll agree that Chloe made a truly beautiful bride, and I was so thrilled when she took the time to send over a little collage of wedding images so soon after her wedding.  She was a bank holiday bride, so whilst we were getting covered in paint and dust, Chloe was busy looking stunning!  

Congratulations Chloe!  We wish you all the best for your married life!

If you'd like to purchase your own Chloe Comb, it's now available here.


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